Our Story

After almost two decades of prayer and preparation, Penobscot Christian School first opened in September of 1980 with around 50 students. The school originally met at 234 French St. in Bangor. In 1990 PCS moved to its current location, 1423 Ohio Street, where it has a large playground, ample classrooms, a computer lab, a library, and a full-size gymnasium.

From the beginning PCS has been an act of faith on the part of parents who take ownership of their children’s education. Members of the Penobscot Christian School Association have worked together and sacrificed over the past 30 years to establish a thriving parent-sponsored school where Christ is freely proclaimed. Unlike the other private schools in the area, PCS is not a ministry of any one church but instead represents the cooperation of parents and churches across the region.

We invite you to consider joining us in our mission to provide a biblically-based, academically excellent education for our students.