Board of Directors

PCS Association Board Membership:

The annual meeting of the PCS Association is held each spring, usually in May. An important purpose of that meeting is to elect Board members to represent the association and to oversee this ministry. At each annual meeting we elect (or re-elect) at least three Board members. Please be in prayer that God would raise up wise, willing parents or other proponents of parent-sponsored, biblically integrated Christian education to fill these roles.

Board Requirements:
Board membership requires: 1) Being a devoted, mature follower of Christ; 2) Having a servant’s heart; 3) An ability and willingness to invest time to serve the school; 4) An affiliation with PCS lasting more than 1 year.

If you have an interest in serving on the Board, then Association President Stephen Linnell would like to speak to you. Please contact Stephen Linnell to discuss serving on the Board.

Current membership of the Board of Directors is:
Stephen Linnell, President
John Karnes, Vice President
Michelle Caccese, Secretary
Alison Hamilton                                                   Priscilla Dorman
Laurel Trundy