Quality Education in a Faith-Filled Community

Penobscot Christian is a Classical Christian school providing pre-K-12 education in the Bangor, Maine area.

Our Mission:

Penobscot Christian School exists to provide classical Christian education that cultivates life-long learners who love God, love others, and engage culture.

The PCS Difference


Unlike public education where you have little input into your child’s education, PCS partners with parents to provide a quality education. We believe parents play a key role in their child’s development, and parents are actively involved in the activities of our school.

Classical Model

This model of education helps students create a love for learning. It builds a foundation of knowledge, develops their ability to use logic and reasoning skills, and communicate their knowledge persuasively. It also helps students to integrate their faith and education into their life.

Commitment to Faith

All families involved in our school agree with our Statement of Faith and attend a local Bible believing church. This ensures a school-wide commitment to faith and values, rather than just a commitment on the part of the staff.

Cultivating students who love God, discern truth, and value beauty

students praying sitting on floor - Penobscot Christian School Bangor Maine

We are in a world that is moving away from Christ and Christian values. Our public education system instills values and teaches principles that contradict our Faith. Perhaps you are looking for an alternative to public schools because you want your child to be cultivated by a Faith-filled environment, surrounded by values that align with yours. You may have considered homeschooling (or even tried it), but it’s not meeting your family’s needs.

You know that your child needs a solid education in order to be prepared to enter college, the workforce, and life after graduation. In our post-Christian culture, we understand your desire for your child to be educated in an environment deeply rooted in Faith which enables them to grow in and engage with their Faith. PCS comes alongside you in this mission and provides a rigorous education from a Christian worldview.

At PCS, we take our work seriously to prepare the next generation to lead the church in the future. We believe when the parents and the school partner together, we can cultivate students who love God, discern Truth, value Beauty. Upon graduation, these students will be ready to enter the world with a solid education and a stable faith.

girls sitting on floor with Bibles at Penobscot Christian School

What Parents Are Saying

PCS has allowed us to fulfill our goal as parents: to have our child’s education and faith be weaved into their entire lives. Recently my son was participating in ski club through the school and was singing the Timeline Song with a friend while they skied. Then he asked me questions and engaged in conversation about it with me later that night. This is it! This is what we want for our son’s education.

Lisa Gordon

We chose to send our children to PCS when we realized that homeschooling wasn’t working well for our family. We loved being able to teach our kids our Christian values but when we welcomed our 5th baby into our family, we decided we needed some help. PCS has provided us with teachers and a community of like minded parents that shared our Christian values and biblical world view. In this environment our children have been able to grow academically and spiritually and we have received the support we needed as parents. PCS has been a huge blessing to our family.

Chrissy & Jon Kenerson

We have a vision of graduating students who … 

Love God
Love Others
Love Learning
Discern Truth
Embody Virtues
Value Beauty
Engage Culture

The rigorous academics and encouraged extracurriculars at PCS prepared me for the intensity of higher education. Although the assignments and exams were an important part of my growth there, the most important thing I continue to lean on from my time at PCS is the cultivation of my faith and the community of believers I found a home in.

Kendall Lambert

Class of 2019

The rigorous academics and encouraged extra-curriculars at PCS prepared me for the intensity of higher education. Although the assignments and exams were an important part of my growth there, the most important thing I continue to lean on from my time at PCS is the cultivation of my faith and the community of believers I found a home in.

Abby Hamilton

Current families

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New Family Members Welcome

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We believe the Bible is the foundation of all truth. A biblical worldview means the Bible is not just one subject among many but is the lens through which we explore all knowledge. We believe that all subjects studied from a biblical worldview reveal the glory of God. Therefore, we believe that true Christian education must place God’s revealed truth at the center of everything we do, including our mission, values, policies, pedagogy, curriculum, sports, and extracurricular activities. 3 John 4


We believe that the ancient methods of education – Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric – integrated with the study of mathematics and science – are more effective than modern progressive methods in shaping young minds and hearts. Therefore, we adopt an approach to education that pursues the knowledge of God who is the source of all truth, virtue, and beauty. Eph1:17



We believe that all we do should be done whole-heartedly, with high standards, and as unto the Lord. Therefore we provide ongoing training for staff, resources for struggling learners, opportunities for high achieving students, team sports, and other extracurricular activities. Col. 3:23-24, Phil 4:8


We believe that the parents and guardians are solely responsible before God for the education of their children. PCS exists to assist Christian parents in fulfilling this sacred responsibility. Therefore, as a parent-sponsored school, we rely upon active parental involvement in many and various ways from every family in order to keep the costs of education down, to build an engaged community, and support one another in raising godly children. Deut. 6:6-9.


We believe that biblical leadership sacrificially serves others and honors those being led. Therefore, the school’s leaders, teachers and staff must each demonstrate Christlike character while acknowledging that we each need mercy, grace and forgiveness when we fall short. Eph. 4:11-13, Gal. 6:1-2


We believe in the unity of Christ which includes all biblically orthodox lovers of God. We believe the principles of Matthew 18 must be followed whenever there are disputes. We acknowledge that there are differences in practices and doctrines within our common faith but the essentials of the Christian faith are summarized in our statement of faith. Therefore, we require our Board, Staff, teachers and at least one parent or guardian of every enrolled student to agree with our statement of faith and to be in regular fellowship with a local Bible-believing church. Cor. 1:10, Eph 4: 1-6


We believe that God’s spirit empowers us to walk as Christ walked and that our actions must align with our beliefs. We expect those in our community to demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit in their lives. We strive to love God, love others, and obey his commands. Therefore we expect integrity in our leaders, teachers, staff, students, and their families. Gal. 5:16,22, Matt. 22:37-39


We believe that each believer is a member of God’s family and that our community should reflect His love. Therefore, we cultivate a culture of grace and truth, provide opportunities for families to connect, fellowship, work together and support one another and the mission of the school. John 1:12, Gal 6:10